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5 points to consider for hiring cloud services

In many occasions you may have heard that cloud solutions are the best option in terms of savings and processing speed, which is totally true, the availability of options and services is diverse and also each one offer alternatives that are attractive at the time of choosing a cloud service provider.

But, what should I consider when selecting a provider to take my services to the cloud?

Within the options there are several solutions, some more popular than others where it is sometimes convenient to choose services from more than one provider to configure what we need or choose a known provider that requires a certain specialized knowledge level.

The region:

It is important to consider that data centers are not always located in regions near our locality or our preference is more oriented to a Data center near or located in the United States as is usually common.

This is an option that should be evaluated with specialists in order to make the most convenient decision.

My services information: consumption graphs, server’s activity, the availability, the costs associated to the growth and costs increase, are details that we must take into account, since a bad management can affect our budget in a considerable way, changing the savings sense that motivates our migration to cloud services.

The support:

Of all the considerations, one of the most important, which is more relevant, is the technical support since there are factors as simple as being able to interact with technical personnel in the same language that can facilitate service in the midst of a contingency.

Likewise, having an administrative panel that offers a independence degree to the company’s technical staff allows progress without having to consult each step that is decided in during a project.

The platform visibility becomes an important element to consider when choosing between data center services and cloud solutions available in the market.

Ease of operation:

Having specialized personnel in cloud solutions is convenient but difficult to achieve and sometimes expensive, since our decision to migrate from one cloud to another may involve having to certify or hire the staff again, also taking into account the learning curves associated in each case and the potential risk of losing them due to the mobility of this profiles type.

Having a platform that is easy to administer, reducing the risks associated with the workforce specialization, is a very important element to consider during the services’ contracting process.

Taking these factors into account, Cibersys places in the Global data center market, a solution that meets the users’ expectations interested in cloud services where the offer of a turnkey product allows contracting, operation and monitoring without the typical complications described in this Article.

With Global Datacenter you can reduce costs and complications of supporting a solution adjusted to the different profiles needs, with specialized support, 24 hours, allowing the technical team to engage in the operation without requiring greater knowledge of the area.

For more information, click to see the following video https://youtu.be/StPRVh5Qn8I, visit our website www.cibersys.comor you can contact our professional specialists in the area by the following numbers:

Mexico 01-800.269.1343 / Venezuela 0800-111.33.31 / Colombia 01-800.518.43.78 / USA 1-888.285.14.52 / Dominican Republic. + 1-809.548.46.85

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