The future will be Multicloud, a trend that companies must follow

The new generation disruptive services are mainly focused on the service quality , whether it is the commercial offer or customer satisfaction regardless of equipment, buildings or infrastructure, since in many cases users only seek brand affiliation and be well cared for.

This is the starting point of those in charge of innovative proposals development that allow companies to have the best service with the best data management. In the market it is already possible to find the data hosting without having to buy large servers to store information. It does not matter if it is a small or large company.

In this regard, Mr. Víctor Márquez, founder and CEO of Cibersys, explains what the data hosting trends are. It is expected that in the next 5 years there will be a complete transformation and the clouds will become the best alternative.

«In the next 5 years companies will face new paradigms in their companies’ technological processes. In this scenario, the use of new environments does not escape, as is the case of the multi-cloud that represents a great opportunity to innovate and keep at the forefront of each sector. However, at the same time it becomes a challenge», he explained.

For this industrial engineer who has arrived in Mexico with a new proposal, it is crucial that companies consider the use of the cloud among their strategies; or even, of multiple clouds that will serve to lay the innovation foundations and become a new service of the traditional infrastructure. «It is UBER in Data Centers», he said.

According to Gartner estimates, the global market for public cloud services will grow this 2018 to reach $186,4 billion; which represents a growth of 21.4 percent over the previous year in which $153,5 billion were entered globally.

The market segment that has experienced the fastest growth is the cloud infrastructure services (IaaS), which is expected to grow by 35.9 percent this year to reach $40,8 billion.

Likewise, it is expected that only the top ten cloud providers represent almost 70 percent of the IaaS market in 2050, compared to 50 percent in 2016.

Márquez explains that market analyzes identify that there will be an increasing demand; and highlighted the advantages that the data centers installed in the cloud bring:

  • Freedom to move data wherever you want
  • Security against informatics attacks
  • Information management visibility
  • Affordable prices
  • There are no geographical limitations
  • Cloud environments diversity in the same solution
  • Support for maintenance and services

The cloud opens panorama to SMEs

While large companies identify technology trends immediately, it is important that SMEs begin to move and incorporate the best trends to manage their data, and that is possible since they can stay in the cloud.

«Today, you may find services tailored to your needs, considering servers volume and processing speed required. In general, any small or large company can start with a service adjusted to their budget and grow progressively.

In this sense, the director of Cibersys, with global presence commented that «in general, cloud services are necessary for any company, since services can be considered from the web page hosting to the management of applications and large information volumes for large corporations.»

He highlighted that our country has 3 world leading clouds, Azure, AWS and Google; despite this, Mexico continues to lag behind compared to other emerging Latin American countries.

In that sense, Gartner hopes that the shared network project will boost the skills necessity for devices integration, as well as, jobs for the devices and networks management.

«Budget spending on software is on a par with Latin America, but it is below the global average. This suggests that the alignment and focus of the company goes to applications that allow to manage the business, » said Dave Yesko, Senior Cosultant Gartner.

On the other hand, Víctor Márquez, commented that, given the growth of independent work, cloud services are already available for all professionals.

«The professionals that can use data centers go from software developers; system managers; accounting and finance managers; marketing and sales managers; human resources managers; and entrepreneurs «.

Despite of fearing automated information; the CEO of Cibersys explained that it is evident that research and technology continue improving; nor should it be thought that these systems come to replace personnel; «It’s about improving processes and contributing to the development of organizations, some jobs will remain and others will be transformed».

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