The cybersecurity today. Virtualized services.

For most people, it is a fact that the current world is governed by technology. It would be difficult and almost stupid to deny the leading role played by electronic equipment and other advances in the day-to-day of humanity.


The Internet and computer science, as one of the main contributions in the recent history’s last decades, do not escape this premise and this is how it can be said that they have invaded all human activity branches, providing reliability, effectiveness and efficiency in processes.


The internet widespread use has brought about flourishing of an cybernetic pirates industry who, more and more frequently, make incursions into networks with great impact repercussions, both economic and media (information management) on those people or institutions attacked.


The most common targets are represented by infrastructures, networks and databases hosted on local or remote servers.

 These criminal acts are perpetrated by means of viruses and malicious actions (Malware), whose origin is anonymous, executed by Hackers.

Interestingly, this cybernetic pirate’s incursion and development of informatics viruses has prompted the emergence of an activity aimed at remedying or curbing these attacks: the cyber security industry.

Hackers and malicious software developers have often been associated with those companies that offer cyber security products since it is believed that they develop the evil to offer the solution.

It is logical to think that the development of cyber security products will be aimed at combating viruses and malicious procedures that are in the market, so they will hardly contemplate new viruses or malicious software in the future, inexorably conditioning that obsolescence will knock on the door of those who make use of security applications.

Traditionally cyber security solutions make use of physical devices, which are conditioned and configured according to clients requirements.

In the same way, malicious software developers and informatics viruses constantly study antivirus, firewalls, and cyber-security-tools behavior, in order to evade their controls and cause the greatest possible damage to data and apply greater panic generated by the consequences of a possible attack on the future.

This premise means that security tools must be updated constantly and oblige those who use them to acquire expensive licenses and updates to ensure their data integrity, making them captives of technology.

In recent years, there has been a cloud hosting and service- virtualization trend, including security applications, which have proved to be a viable and much more economical solution to the cyber security problem.

Usually, virtualized applications are easily scalable, free or low cost, and much more reliable compared to competitors using physical equipment.

All this, coupled with the fact that cyber security must be comprehensive, that is, involving all the network devices (both physical and wireless) has allowed expanding the protective shield against attacks both internal and external.

Cibersys, a leading company in the Cyber security market, offering a range of virtualized security services (Network Visibility, Network Controller, Wi-Fi Security, and Virtual Firewall) adapted to clients requirements with the best prices, technical support and attention to the market client.

You can learn more about our products by visiting our website, www.cibersys.com

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