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CIbersys is a technology provider centered in new technologies to offer best options for connectivity, Internet, virtualization and acceleration services.

Fastest access to company servers remotely without risks

Reduce corporate network management costs

Reduce investment in equipment, licenses and network technologies

Permite a los operadores de telecomunicaciones

Cibersys is able to act as single provider for Internet and global network services capable of fulfilling not only current enterprise connectivity needs, but also emerging requirements for hybrid MPLS and Internet networks to establish more flexible, secure and high-speed access to cloud services

Internet service

We are able to offer in our footprint internet services using radio links, fiber links and wireless internet over LTE networks (Mexico and USA). We act as a local Internet provider and integrator for your customers being the contact to satisfy your customer expectations

Network integration

We integrate services over different internet ports as one Global network, offering visibility and high quality, replacing MPLS equipments and configurations with a Cloud integration fully managed by our team.

SDWAN services

Our new Cloud Infrastructure may be integrated with the Global Internet platform in order to deliver an intelligent connectivity solution that reduce the management, logistics and capital expenses for end users. Our SDWAN solution will let your customers have all these services under its Internet link.

Cibersys WAN connection

Cibersys WAN connection integrates fixed and mobile networks, allowing customers to consolidate different platforms under the same service, applying centralized data management and service quality policies to any link added to the virtual network.

Implementation without intervention

Cibersys WAN solution provides data plane separation and control to ensure centralized management and orchestration. Cibersys WAN enables faster deployments with provisioning capabilities without intervention while scaling.

How does it work?

Cibersys WAN solution connects users to any location wherever they are to the service Cloud. Cibersys WAN intelligently determines which route best meets the ideal performance requirements for a specific location, application or services.

Application knowledge

Cibersys WAN solutions intelligently identify applications from the first packet of data traffic. Network teams get the visibility they need about which applications are used most widely across the organization, helping them apply policies and make smarter, better-informed decisions.

Cibersys WAN and MPLS: What's the best?

MPLS-based platforms actually lack the high-speed application performance and the ability to seamlessly connect to the cloud that Cibersys WAN offers, making Cibersys WAN an attractive choice.