Internet with Secure Wi-Fi

Do you share your Internet?

We give you the best solution to protect your connection and Wi-Fi.

Without equipment, investment or specialized personnel.

With Global Internet, navigate in any location with mobile bandwidth allowing users to have the peace of mind of having secure access.

Add WiFi Security to your company’s navigation, controlling the bandwidth use for regular users and visitors, without using equipment or downloading licenses, adding usage policies and allowing each employee to use their devices with total security.

Control malicious apps downloads, distribute navigation speed in higher user traffic areas, control children access and young people to insecure applications and services, and records the consumption profile of each user.

Manage bandwidth and content filtering that goes into your network
Enable dedicated Internet services with monitoring and perimeter security without equipment or specialized personnel.
Add security to the Wi-Fi network for visitors and employees without equipment
Detect attacks to your network and receive a higher navigation speed.