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What is Global Datacenter?

Cibersys Global Datacenter is a multi-cloud solution that allows you to integrate your servers with the most robust platforms on the market offering you the opportunity to grow quickly and without investment

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Integrate private and hybrid clouds
Integrate your servers with public clouds such as: AWS, Azure, Google
Make automated payments
Distribute your data around the world
Web monitoring panel
High security levels
Consulting for multi-cloud infrastructure design
24/7/365 support
Growth according to your needs

What we offer?

Private Cloud
Turnkey solution for each client in our globally interconnected data centers
Public Cloud
Service in the most popular clouds of the market (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, among others)
Hybrid Cloud
You can have your services distributed in public and private cloud easily

We provide hosting, connectivity and security solutions in different locations


WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DDoS Mitigation Solutions.


Applications and services always available for you.


Unlimited growth according to your need


You can grow or stop doing it when you want


No additional cost in equipment maintenance


Control your resources' performance within your data center


We provide an intuitive interface for resources' deployment and self-management.


24/7/365 Monitoring


Fast activation time

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Physical Servers

Dedicated servers in any of our Global Datacenters

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Virtual private platform with unlimited resources

Managed Databases

No need of specialized personnel for service management and maintenance. Expert technicians available:

Cloud backup for companies

Cloud solution managed through a web panel which allows you to create, host and manage your page

Solutions designed for cloud integration

Virtual Hosting

Cloud solution managed through a web panel which allows you to create, host and manage your page
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Managed Services

We offer you administration services for your cloud servers, bare metal, web services, and of all your services infrastructure
Request it here from USD $ 90 per month

Learn about our Global Infrastructure

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