From traditional commerce to ecommerce – Part II

Choosing a name is always a difficult task to perform, to name a child, a pet, a car, a character in a game, an organization and, in the case of e-commerce sites, select the domain name . You really should not give the business a reckless name, especially because it will be permanent.

At the time you are setting up your e-commerce site, it is assumed that you already know the products type you will sell, as well as having an idea of your business’ name.

The options for selecting the domain name are choosing a generic name, one associated with the target market or one related to your brand.

1. Your domain name is your permanent online address.

Your domain name is your permanent address in the vast worldwide network. This is what your customers would have to look for to get to you and your products. You can do a lot with your site as much as you can do with your house, but the address remains the same. So think of an online address that you are willing to carry in the long term.

2. Your domain name can help increase your brand awareness.

Your store name is the most important part of your domain name. Again, you can choose to buy a different domain name to not include your company or store and this can further increase the brand’s positioning. We suggest to make additional investment but if you include the company’s name, it will share the attention center and you can advertise both simultaneously.

3. The domain name can help you gain the customer´s trust.

Having your own domain name helps assure customers that you have a legitimate business. Spend a little more can help you strengthen credibility. We hope to convince you to consider this additional step to get your own domain name, because it is really valuable. Now, there are some things to remember when creating a domain name for your e-commerce site:

1. Make it short
Make sure your domain name is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce and flashy enough to be remembered.

2. Play with words to create a unique domain name.

A way to create a domain name that is uniquely yours, and at the same time, striking and memorable. Think about how YouTube and Facebook are such unique names. With luck, you can also invent a domain name that is someday as popular as these two.

3. Choose a top-level domain that works
Typically, sites go with the top-level domain «.com», but you can consider country-specific domains if you intend to keep your business in a specific country.

4. Choose a domain name with which you can grow
It is possible that the products are limited at this time, but this is because you are just beginning. You must choose a domain name that may still represent products that you may wish to add to offers in future. Better yet, do not use domain names that are too restrictive, so if you add products, the domain name will not make customers think of you offer such products.

5. Keep it legal
Make sure that the domain name is not too close to a competitor and that it does not infringe anyone’s trademark.

6. Find help of name generators.
There are a lot of tools that can help you find possible names for your business, which in turn will help create a domain name. Use the name generators to help you generate ideas, but it would still be better if you could design a domain name that is uniquely yours.

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