Our developments provide important benefits to the corporate market, which is translated into sales and business opportunities for Partners of our brand
Access to all the
products and services
of our portfolio
commercial margins
Expansion of
the network contacts
Support from the team of
commercial advisors

Marketing at any

part of the world
Aimed to companies and people
which serve the electronic
consumer market and affine
Choose us and bring value to your customers and boost their success, with the certainty that we help you build a truly effective and beneficial business process for all
Business Partners
Designed for registered companies that purchase or acquire a license for Cibersys services and products to deal with their resale.
As a Cibersys Business Partner, a monthly discount is obtained on our products and services, these can be added to your company’s portfolio and start a win-win business relationship.
Commercial Allies
Designed for vendors, commercial advisors and people with a prospective client portfolio of the services provided by Cibersys.
As a Cibersys Commercial Ally, a commission is obtained on the service or product sold This will allow you to give a significant added value to your client portfolio.
Market our products and solutions and increase your business opportunities

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