Direct connection to cloud servers of the most important service providers in the world *

* Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Platform

Guarantee a direct, simple and secure connection to multiple cloud providers

Exclusive connection
You decide your cloud service and we will take you no matter what means you have to access the Internet
We optimize the network resources use for the performance of your cloud applications and services
With a connection to reliable cloud environments, you reduce administrative complexities

Guaranteed connection through secure, efficient and direct access from any city in the continent

Near2Cloud enables hybrid clouds that allow you to interact with your local platform and with cloud services under a high speed scheme , confidentiality, security, and privacy in remote connections

Solutions that fit your needs:

Direct connection via optics fiber
through our service Global Connectivity, you will be physically and directly connected to the chosen cloud at the best cost.

It is an ideal solution for corporations and SMEs in Latin America which require stable connections without the need of virtual links or over the Internet, to improve the quality and availability of the contracted cloud services.

We have the necessary platform to guarantee connectivity from any city in the continent to these solutions, through secure, efficient, and direct access.
Virtual connection via IPsec
With our Virtual Firewall you will be securely and reliably connected to the chosen cloud through VPN tunnels with features that guarantee the network environment protection.

To have this solution, you do not need sophisticated or expensive equipment because it is developed to be compatible with accessible and commonly used models of brands such as Cisco, Ubiquiti and Mikrotik.

When this equipment is installed in your network, Cibersys enables, configures and manages the solution.

The Near2Cloud service offers the best cloud connection benefits

The data is not transported on the Internet publicly but through the Cibersys' network in a virtual and dedicated manner
The high security and encryption standards of the Cibersys' network ensure information confidentiality
Dedicated point-to-point circuit which guarantees lower latency in comparison with the associated variability through a regular Internet connection
Better resources use when connecting to different cloud solutions through a single access to the Cibersys' network
It guarantees reduction of information vulnerability and attacks possibility
Access to the different solutions through a single provider, which translates into savings

Near2Cloud ensures direct cloud connection with high performance, availability and adjusted to your needs

  • Single partner throughout the region
  • Expert in global solutions
  • It does not depend on Internet
  • Guarantees continuity in your operation
  • Greater security
  • Higher processing speed
  • Multi-local service
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