The internet Virtual Operators

Historically, we have become accustomed to contracting Internet services with a local provider, so the common thing is to deal with the infrastructure owner as a service provider.

These telecommunications services such as telephony and Internet have been originally provided by the dominant provider, such as Telmex, AT & T, CANTV, C & W, and etcetera.

In the current times, the technology evolution and the markets opening has led to the emergence of virtual telecommunications operators known as VNO by its acronym in English (Virtual Network Operators), companies that are dedicated to compete in the sector using the Third-party infrastructure to focus on quality, availability and client service.

TheVirtual Operators rise has been very noticeable in the international mobile telephony. The operator’s evolution such as Virgin or Tesco Mobile has marked the accelerated growth of new services and opportunities for companies that take advantage of the telecommunications infrastructure already installed to improve the services’ supply and quality.

In the particular case of the Internet, there are some virtual operators that specialize in offering global connectivity services for companies, but mostly they have been focused on satisfying the services of large corporations, meeting the companies’ demand located throughout Europe and America, with little penetration at the SME level and smaller companies, a sector that in recent times has grown beyond its borders with the same needs as large companies.

For a SME that grows in multiple locations in Latin America and that diversifies its operation, it is useful to have an Internet Virtual Operator that can meet their quality expectations of service and availability, regardless of the country where you want to position, with a single interface for problem solving, billing and attention.

his type of global connectivity, Internet, security, and communications solutions facilitates the operation by adjusting to the cost structure of a growing company, allowing it to access a global scheme at low cost without major problems.

If at this moment your company is in regional growth and evaluating options that allow you to manage your regional operation at low cost, it is time to opt for an Internet Virtual Operator in Latin America.

Cibersys is a global telecommunications brand focused on the development of cloud products and solutions for the corporate sector in Latin America. To this end, it acts as an Internet Virtual Operator of global reach with a presence throughout the region.

Cibersys represents a viable alternative for small and medium-sized companies that wish to grow and be incorporated into the current technological world, in order to satisfy the clients’ needs and contribute to the strengthening of its communication processes, taking maximum advantage of the use of the latest generation technologies.


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