November 6th, 2018

In recent months, much has been heard about the Internet of Things (IOT), but what is it really? A fairly simple idea, but one that illustrates it very well, is to point out that it is the digital interaction between objects and artifacts of our daily life with the Internet.

Although the IOT seemed a futuristic idea, it is actually a concept that has been managed for many years. Projects such as the smart house and the smart car, laid the foundations of “Internet of Things”.

IOT, globally interconnects the objects and also allows the actions programming associated with these devices, using sensors that control certain and determined variables at the discretion of the IOT system designer.

The IOT devices are characterized by their remote operation. Its Internet connection is made through its IP address which is used so that the device can be accessed, monitored and controlled. The information collected can be sent to a local or external server.

IOT uses

The application scope of IOT has been progressively covering different sectors, among them we have:

Industrial sector: robots’ sensors and machinery that control and execute manufacturing industrial processes and transformation of products are monitored remotely, to increase the processes reliability and achieve greater productivity.

Domotic: It is the buildings’ adaptation and automation in order to control aspects such as energy savings, locks control to improve security, wireless access and in general everything associated with the user’s welfare.

IOT is used more and more frequently in traffic control, through traffic-light and urban-camera surveillance In the same way it allows monitoring charges of possible thefts or verifies the status and conservation of its properties. As far as logistics is concerned, it allows establishing dispatch routes and monitoring traffic.

Agricultural sector:With regard to the agricultural industry, they work to control the needs of irrigation, nutrients and pest control. In livestock they are used to monitor biometric variables and animals geolocation.

Security and surveillance: Remote monitoring of security cameras and motion sensors.

Medicine and health: Sensors are used extensively to monitor vital signs and medication administration in people suffering from health.

As can be seen, IOT has been incorporated into sensitive and delicate activities, which require extreme care in terms of data security and integrity.

The unauthorized person’s access to the data and controlled variables could have very bad consequences.

In view of the fact that the global information storage trend is in the cloud, it is recommended to make use of data security applications that safeguard the information reported by these IOT devices in the selected cloud.

Cibersys es una marca global de telecomunicaciones orientada al desarrollo de productos y soluciones de seguridad de datos en la nube para el sector corporativo latinoamericano y se presenta como alternativa en la elección de su proveedor de servicio de seguridad, ofreciendo tranquilidad, libertad y visibilidad en la gestión de sus datos.


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