Sip Trunk

Integrate your current communications platform and enjoy the VoIP benefits

More and more companies and SMEs adopt this service for their businesses.

Managed service by a single provider with guaranteed quality.
Cost savings
Significantly, decreases telephone call expenses.
Our solution adapts to each business' particular needs.
Define your requirements and pay only for what you need.
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Sip Trunk is a service that allows to connect PBXs to the public telephone network through the Internet.


The main reason why more companies are using Sip Trunk is for savings in calls, because they are managed through VoIP


We guarantee the best quality to manage your local and international calls through the Internet.


Reduce your expenses on phone calls by up to 30%!

We present the best way to migrate your communication system to the cloud

  • Interconnection to public telephony network
  • Communication with landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world
  • Connection using standard SIP protocol to any switchboard model on the market
  • Combination of data, voice and video in a single line
  • Cost reduction in equipment
  • Connection between various headquarters in different geographical locations
  • Security and privacy in your information handling

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