Cloud Security

Access with total security to the most important clouds in the market

Without equipment, investment or specialized personnel.

Access to cloud solutions with total security, through a direct connection to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, Softlayer and others, without intrusion risk

With Near2Cloud, manage your remote services with the quality and availability of a local platform. Manage services as if you were in your own data center, without equipment, without going through the Internet, and with the greatest availability.

Add Virtual Firewall and Wi-Fi Security to the link and access from anywhere in the world with a secure and monitored connection, fully managed by Cibersys and without the equipment, licenses or specialized personnel.

Additional: with the addition of Web Protection and Acceleration improve availability, security and speed of your web applications, thanks to the inclusion of a web application firewall, DDoS protection and content acceleration.

Manage bandwidth and content filtering
Have perimeter security for protection against attacks
Connection security with guaranteed availability