WiFi Security

Monitor the users' activity connected to your access points with the fastest and easiest web filter in the cloud

WIFI Security

To increase users' productivity and security connected to your network

Easy to set up and deploy
User filtering anywhere
Protection against malware and unacceptable content
It allows you to block sites and monitor the filtered sites
Monitor user directories
Determine when documents are shared through Dropbox, drive, etc.

Through this solution, small
and medium-sized enterprises can:

  • Monitor Internet access
  • Secure networks against web-based threats
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Help meet legal requirements
  • Enforce the company’s acceptable use policy
We differentiate ourselves from other market suppliers to add users' security and ensure that your shared network content is reliable.

Below are the most relevant benefits:

  • Safe Google search
  • Access points policy management
  • Torrent blocking
  • Parental control
  • Safe mode Youtube
  • Categories according to CIPA policies
  • Customizable lock pages
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